Episode 14: Mental health and well-being in the music industry

January 19, 2017

Recently David wrote an article regarding well-being in the music industry, further highlighting how we as professionals in the music business get it wrong in the way we work, costing us our own health and well-being. I then followed that with my own article further expanding on the well-being side in particular, and both have since gone on to receive thousands of views. This also led to both myself and David receiving a load of email from people for whom both articles appear to have resonated greatly. With that in mind we felt this was a topic we should discuss in more detail. Fear not: this is NOT a "doom and gloom" fest. Far from it: we talk through the problems but also address ways in which we feel we can work smarter and ostensibly help create a working culture that is perhaps not so toxic. Equally though, we both feel this issue warrants more discussion and awareness. So please, take a listen and if you feel this affects you, spread word and stand up to something that desperately needs to change.